VA College Republican Hypocrisy

The College Republican Federation of Virginia has a blog up about how so-called “Conservatives” were excluded from college graduation ceremonies, and how the one’s who did get the invite were treated with disrepect as some campuses.

The CRFV concludes by stating:

How hypocritical. The left calls us ignorant, yet they refuse to listen to differing ideas. The founding fathers would be ashamed.”

What’s the difference between this action by the “left” and how the Republican Party treated Presidential candidates, like Dr. Ron Paul, like black sheep simply because they didn’t toe the Party line?  Is this hypocrisy not hard to see?

Furthermore, as for the students who turned their back on Phyllis Schlafly and other “conservatives,” I believe there is a better explanation for this other than them being “closed-minded leftist.”

With big-government socialist like George Bush, John McCain, the typical Republican member of Congress, and the Republican Party leadership being masqueraded around on television as “Conservatives,” is it that hard not to understand why those students would turn their back on someone who refers to themself as “Conservative?”

Maybe those students are actually turning their backs on the big-government, welfare/warfare state that has been handed to us by the Republicans over the last few years.

Thanks to big-government Republicans like Bush and McCain, the word “Conservative” has been given a very bad stigma, which is one of the many reasons why it’s so important that we purge the Republican Party of big-government Republicanism. 


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