My Anger With My Own Party

For those of you who know me and interact with me on a regular basis, and perhaps some of you who read my comments on various Virginia Republican blogger sites, you’re probably aware of the fact that I’m very upset about the direction the once Grand Old Party has drifted over the last decade or so.

It outrages me that the Republican Party has not cut government at all — but has instead increased the federal government by more than any administration since socialist Johnson and his “great society.”  It upsets me that my Party has doubled the size of the Department of Education.  It upsets me that my Party has lost all respect for the Constitution.

But what really lights my fire is the fact that they do it all under the guise of conservatism.  These people will walk off the floor of Congress directly after voting for some type of unconstitutional federal regulation, get in front of their constituents back home, and have the nerve to call themselves conservative and claim to believe in limited government and lower taxes.

For example, just last week, as a good Republican should, I paid $75 to attend the Alexandria GOP Reagan-Lincoln dinner.  The guest speaker was Mary Matalin.  Her speech was excellent.  She talked about the importance of liberty, free markets, and strictly following the Constitution.  But the sad part is, and it really is sad for the sake of the ideal of liberty, she didn’t mean anything she said.  Like most of the Republican establishment there, she claimed to believe in individual liberty.  However, she then turned around and expressed her proud support for a man who has voted on multiple times to restrict one’s constitutionally guaranteed freedoms.  How can one believe in liberty yet support those who suppress it?

All I’m asking is that if the Republican Party supports big government, then just be honest and say “we believe big government is good government as long as its our government.”

But as long as the Party continues to march under the banner of individual liberty, low taxes, free markets and limited constitutional government, I’m going to be there to defend liberty – even if that means calling out those within my own Party.

It’s time to restore the Republican Party back to the days of Senator Taft and Goldwater, and get rid of the big-government individuals who have hijacked the Party.

As a wise man once told me, “the days of big-government republicanism are coming to an end.”



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