It’s the Ideals, Stupid!

I’ve read some Republican blogs over the last few days that have mentioned the enthusiasm of the supporters of certain candidates like Ron Paul and Delegate Bob Marshall.  The authors of the blogs are hoping that these supporters will bring that same enthusiasm with them to the general election and support the Republican nominee(s).

For example, J’s Notes, a “conservative” blog based out of Virginia, said the following:

If every Bob Marshall supporter could fire themselves up for the nominee and bring the same enthusiasm to November as they brought to the convention, you’d have another David on your hands.

But authors such as this are way off mark.

Their supporters’ enthusiasm doesn’t come from their support of the candidate, for he/she is just a person.  The enthusiasm is because these indviduals actually believe in limited government, lower taxes, and less regulations.  And most importantly, their actions actually match their rhetoric.

If the Republican Party really wants to see this type of enthusiasm in November, then simply walk away from big-governent republicanism and actually embrace the true principles of our great Party.  Nominate candidates who won’t betray us by increasing the size of government.

It’s time for the GOP to come home.  It’s time for conservatives to come home. 

A wise man once said, “if given a choice between a Democrat and a Democrat, the Democrat wins every time. ”  I’m tired of Democrats always winning.

Are there any other Republicans out there who reject big-government Republicanism….?

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