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  1. Shoot!

    I was going to post a comment here, after finding your weblog (via your comment at the seemingly-excellent Virginia CR weblog), and was going to comment about how it was good to see another traditionalist conservative weblog… However, I was at first thinking that your blog might not be current – I did not notice any entry dates, and this top entry was about live election results.

    However, I had forgotten that Virginia primary (involving Amit Singh, whom the young traditionalist and libertarian conservatives, such as those affiliated with LI, seem to be strongly backing – but who I’m unsure about, because while he’s good on Iraq, he seems bad on immigration, and perhaps other issues) was today!!

    Thanks for the reminder… Who do you think will win that race?

    (Considering that it’s already rather late – and that you’re in the Eastern Time Zone, I guess the results might already be in – unless it’s too close to call.)

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