Will the 8th District GOP Go Right?

Republicans in Virginia’s 8th had a great opportunity today to make a major step towards returning the Party back its principles by nominating Amit Singh to represent them as the 8th District GOP candidate.

Over the last couple of months I’ve had the opportunity to meet Amit personally at many of his events.  I’ve heard him speak multiple times and I really think that he is sincere in his belief that the federal government should strictly adhere to the Constitution and be very limited in scope and size.

Ellmore, even though a nice guy, seems to just be the typical establishment Republican.  I could be wrong, but I interpreted him as just spewing out the usual “limited government, lower taxes and less regulation” catch phrases that one hears at all Republican events, without ever actually engaging in deep thought and study on the philosophy of liberty.  I guess just another Rockefeller Republican.

So the question of my night is:

Will the 8th District GOP choose a small-government Republican or a big-government Republican?

My prediction is…. Ron Paul…I mean Amit Singh!.

Off to the 11th Street Lounge for Singh’s Victory Party (let’s hope).


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  1. It looks like they chose big government, Gentry.

    Hey, at least Arlington County went the right way.

  2. Bummer! Amit Singh was clearly the best candidate for the job.

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