Bush Hypocrisy

Socialist War Mongerer in Chief George Bush took aim Wednesday at Democrats who “still call for retreat” in Iraq. He went on to say “In a time of war we need a president who understands that we must defeat the enemy overseas so we do not have to face them here at home, and that man is John McCain,” Bush said.

So we do not face them here at home?

Question for Mr. Bush:

If the threat of the “boogeyman” coming over here is that high, then why, sir, have you refused to secure the U.S. border? If someone wants to get over here and attack us that bad, then shouldn’t your top priority be to shut the border down? How come you send American soldiers to defend foreign borders, yet you refuse to secure your own country’s? I must say, sir, that I do not believe a single word you say. If you really believed in your heart that the “boogeyman” was coming for the U.S., then you would immediately bring our troops home from foreign occupations and secure our border!

Furthermore, our border has been open for years. How come we haven’t had multiple “boogeymen” already come into the U.S. and attack us?

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. You’ve already gotten me once, Mr. Bush, but now I can see right through your lies.

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  1. I think McCain will be a horrid president. Bush again. Likewise, I think Obama would be a very poor choice. Check out these two blogs on both of them. It’s a collection of blog posts and videos from around the web about the elections and the crooks running for office.

    McCainSucks.tumblr.com and NObama.tumblr.com

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