I’m Not Voting for McCain!

I’ve had the opportunity to have a lot of great discussions with Republicans and conservatives recently who are going to vote for John McCain. Most of them say they agree that McCain is not very conservative, if conservative at all. However, the majority of them still say that they’re going to basically “hold their nose” and vote for John McCain in November.

I’m not, and when I tell them this they often wonder how I could not vote at all, or how I could “waste” my vote on a third party candidate — say, Chuck Baldwin of the CP.

The answer is simple: Principle.

I am a man of principle. Those who are voting for McCain aren’t.

Before I left South Georgia a couple of years ago for the big city my dad looked me square in the eye, extended a firm hand shake, and said, “Son. All I ask is one thing. Stick to your guns up there.”

By guns, my father meant principles. Perhaps it’s a virtue that only southerners take serious anymore. I don’t have answer for that. I will say this, and I will say it boldly:

Those of you who claim to be conservatives but are voting for John McCain are completely unprincipled. In fact, for those of you who are males, I’m hesitant to go so far as to even call you men. How can a real man compromise his deeply-held principles? Wouldn’t a real man be willing to stand firm on his principles?

I didn’t leave my family and friends in Georgia to move up here and compromise my principles by voting for such a man as John McCain. As Thomas Paine stated:

ā€œ‘Tis the business of little minds to shrink; but he whose heart is firm, and whose conscience approves his conduct, will pursue his principles unto death.ā€

For the sake of my honor, and the word of my father, I will pursue my principles unto death –which, as a consequence, means not voting for my Party’s nominee for President.

Are there any real men, or women, who will stand up with me?

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  1. Count me in! I am not drinking the poisonous McCain Kool Aid. I am a principled woman, who will not and can not support Juan McAmnesty. Bob Barr 2008!

  2. I will not support McCain either. I will stay home on election day before I vote for McCain!!

  3. Two women.

    Where are the men?

  4. When my daddy meant for me to “stick with your guns”, he meant guns because he knew I stunk with a rifle. And yes, I am a male who is not voting for McCain either. Not that my vote makes much difference since McCain will probably lose anyway.

  5. […] 24, 2008 by CK The Old Right Blog threw down the gauntlet—if you vote for McCain, you’re not a principled conservative. The Old Right believes in […]

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  7. Nor shall I. Bob Barr for President.

  8. Nor shall I. Bob Barr for President.

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