What is the Old Right?

According to Murray Rothbard, in his essay, “The Transformation of the American Right,” it can be summed up as follows:

“The guiding motif of what we might call the “old American Right” was a deep and passionate commitment to
individual liberty, and to the belief that this liberty, in the personal and the economic spheres, was gravely menaced by the growth and power of the Leviathan state, at home and abroad. As individuals and libertarians, the old Right felt that the growth of statism at home and abroad were corollaries: New Deal coercion, on behalf of an illusory domestic security, was matched by the ultimate coercion of war in pursuit of the illusion of “collective security” abroad; and both forms of intervention brought with them a swelling of state power over society and over the individual. At home, the Supreme Court was looked to for a “strict construction” of the Constitution to check governmental depredation of the liberty of the individual, and conscription was denounced as a return to an unconstitutional form of involuntary servitude.”

Ahhhh, I sure do love me some Murray Rothbard.

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  1. Why don’t you add old fashioned Jew hating and anti-Israeli isolationism to the Old Right canon?

    I remember people like you during WW2, bitching about why we had to be fighting Hitler when he never attacked us, fighting Hitler only because of the Jews?

    “Strict construction” is just another word for “fundamentalism.”

    Wake the hell up, it isn’t the 18th century any more.

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