John McCain and Michelle Obama

A few months ago, so-called “conservatives,” like the one mentioned above that intimidate young women verbally over the phone, were up in arms over a quote by Michelle Obama. She stated:

“[F]or the first time in my adult lifetime, I am really proud of my country. And not just because Barack has done well, but because I think people are hungry for change. I have been desperate to see our country moving in that direction…”

Immediately after this, pundits and bloggers on the Right began posting and saying that Michelle was unpatriotic, and on and on. Why was she now only proud of her country, they asked? For an example, see what communist Michelle Malkin said HERE.

Not too long afterwards, John, I was in Vietnam so you can’t question me McCain made a very similar statement during an interview with big-government advocate Sean Hannity. McCain said:

“I think it makes you a better person. Obviously, it makes you love America. I really didn’t love America until I was deprived of her company.”

Now, from an objective standpoint, there really is no difference between what Mrs. Obama and Mr. McCain said. They both implied that, until a certain point in their lives, they didn’t love/appreciate America.

The only difference is the reaction from the Right. For some reason, they’re quiet on this issue?????

It’s no surprise to me, however. Can one expect anything different from unprincipled individuals who only care about power and political parties?

Just goes to show that not only are Barack and McCain similar, but McCain and Mrs. Obama also have a lot in common.

Update: My personal cell phone number is 571-242-7500. Perhaps some Republican Party officials will give me a call at midnight and threaten me — or do they only threaten women?

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  1. “I think it makes you a better person. Obviously, it makes you love America. I really didn’t love America until I was deprived of her company.”

    You can look at that statement from a different standpoint. Of course, your only focus is to bash John McCain and portray him in the most negative light possible. I get that. I’m not a John McCain fan either. However, I’d rather see him as President than Obama. Correct me if I am wrong, but didn’t you mention in an earlier post that you would be voting for Barack Obama? Tell me how that would be sticking to your principles?

    Back to the statement. It’s hard for many of us to appreciate what we have here in America. I think that is what McCain was probably saying. A whole bunch of people “like” America, but don’t truly love it as a Veteran or POW would. We as Americans have become spoiled.

    Why don’t you spend more time bashing Obama?

  2. “Correct me if I am wrong, but didn’t you mention in an earlier post that you would be voting for Barack Obama? Tell me how that would be sticking to your principles?”

    Good point, which is why I recently decided to not go against McCain and vote for Obama (for the reason you mentioned), but instead will either stay home or go and cast my vote for Chuck Baldwin of the Constitution Party.

    “Why don’t you spend more time bashing Obama?”

    Because Obama doesn’t claim to be a conservative. Everyone knows he’s a leftist. If McCain and his supporters would just come out and say, “hey, we love big government and we’re leftist,” then I would back off.

  3. For those who read my post yesterday, The Old Right (who is a good friend) made my post even more Crystal Clear. While I apologize for the harsh version, I should NEVER be told that I have NO future in politics by a man, who chastized a single woman about her views last night. In fact, the so-called Freedom of Speech allows me to post in whatever style I pursue. I am thankful for good friends, like The Old Right who are bringing to light on the eerily similar comments made by McCain and Michelle Obama. The Conservative media does not want to focus on this issue, because they are too afraid of pissing off the GOP. Well, the GOP has nominated a squish to be President, who is not representative of conservative virtues. How can you embrace this man??? After all, he violated your First Amendment rights through McCain-Feingold, is soft on illegal immigration, and gives money to Planned Parenthood (to continue killing babies) through Appropriations Bills.

  4. someone really asked you to take it down? i bet the people at the mill would love to see this article

  5. Michelle Obamma received a bugus raise of $195,052 annually after Barack Obama was elected senator. Check out this article on Michelle Obama

  6. Let’s focus on bringing down Barack Obama. Not everyone knows him for the socialist leftist that he is. Keep in mind that the vast majority of Americans do not follow politics and understand every intrinsic detail of how the government works. Most people I talk to see Obama as a change from the Republican establishment. They have no idea of what Obama plans to do, or the consequences that will follow.
    I totally agree that McCain isn’t the best candidate, but, come on everybody, let’s stop Obama. There are differences between the two, i.e. tax cuts. Also, McCain doesn’t want Universal Healthcare.
    Now I know they are very similar on a lot of other matters, but the fact remains that this blog along with many other blogs, continue to BASH MCCAIN much more than the worst of the two–OBAMA.
    Spend more time educating the masses of such important differences.

  7. Harry,

    I happen to bash both McCain and Obama, because they are two evils trying to destroy our country. I am supporting Bob Barr for President, because he will actually stand to uphold the Constitution and enact common sense policies.

  8. I can’t vote for a tree hugging, illegal alien supporting, federal budget increasing, non-economics knowing Republican nominee.

    And if I did, I’d only be hurting my party. Why? Because a leader directs the party in a certain direction. We’ve had bad leadership for 8 years at least, but more probably 12. We’ve been given lip service and told to behave and support the Party. The problem is that the party is going nowhere and they’re trying to out democrat the Democrat Party. Ain’t gonna work. I need a clear conscience, not more nominees who’ll end up doing erectile dysfunction commercials.

    And for the Republican Party or its members to stifle ideas, candidates, and its own members—such as Crystal—is a sign they’ve lost their way. If all they have left to keep folks in line is the promise of a political future instead of liberty, then let this political market bottom and break the backs of the RINOs who’ve gripped this party in the name of Reagan.

  9. Sure I agree that the Republican party needs to go back to its roots. This should be promulgated at the local level. That is the best way.
    How did you feel about the Supreme Court’s recent D.C. gun law opinion? Pretty good I imagine. Well, me too. Do you have any idea how broad and overreaching such decisions are?
    How do you think the opinion would have read had BUSH not nominated Roberts and Alito?
    What kind of Justices do you think OBAMA would nominate?
    How about MCCAIN?
    There you go. You guys sit around with your lip poked out this 2008 election then you’ll pay for it when OBAMA wins and nominates liberal Justices who will not correctly interpret the Constitution and legislate from the bench.
    And yes, I understand, before you respond that the Supreme Court has no right to make such decisions that should be left to the state. I totally agree. But it still doesn’t change the fact.

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