Hey McAmnesty: NAFTA Isn’t Free Trade

“I have to convince them the consequences of protectionism and isolationism could be damaging to their future,” the Arizona senator said, pledging to improve programs for displaced workers and unemployment insurance if elected.

“I understand it’s very tough. But for me to give up my advocacy of free trade would be a betrayal of trust,” he said. “And the most precious commodity I have with the American people is that they trust me.”

Hey John, here’s a quick economic lesson:

NAFTA and CAFTA are NOT free trade.  It’s government managed trade.  There is an enormous difference.  What you advocate, sir, is actually protectionism and isolationism.

As Murray Rothbard points out in his essay, “Stop Nafta,”

Real free trade, of course, doesn’t require years of high-level government negotiations. Real free trade doesn’t require codicils and compromises and agreements. If the Bush administration had wanted real free trade, all they’d have had to do is to cut tariffs and quotas, abolish the International Trade Commission, the “anti-dumping” laws, and the rest of the panoply of monopolistic trade restrictions that injure American consumers and coddle inefficient producers.

What the Establishment wants is government-directed, government-negotiated trade, which is mercantilism not free trade. What it wants also is institutions of internationalist super-government to take decisionmaking out of American hands and into the hands of super-governments, which would rule over Americans and not be accountable to the American people. The mercantilist Establishment, emphatically including the right-centrist Bush-types, wants government-regulated trade as well as subsidized exports. Negotiated trade, whether Bush or Clinton is doing the negotiating or David Rockefeller were doing the negotiating directly, lowers import barriers only as bargaining chips to force-feed American exports into foreign countries. In addition, there is “foreign aid,” essentially a vast racket by which the American taxpayer is forced to hand out billions to export firms and industries.

The current treaties are very different; they are made by centrist mercantilists to advance such anti-free trade and collectivist policies as internationalist supra-government, regulated trade, and export subsidy.

Read the entire essay HERE

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