The Troops Aren’t Defending My Freedom

Yes, you read that correct.  I said that the troops aren’t defending my freedom[s].  Nor are they defending yours.

On the way to the Jackson, MS airport today I was listening to some talk radio pundit talk about how the troops were overseas fighting for our freedoms around the world.  This is lunacy, folks.

First, in order for someone to defend my freedoms, I have to have freedom.  And, unfortunately, us Americans don’t have hardly any freedoms these days.  (Don’t believe me, then name something that you can do that somewhere along the line didn’t require some type of government oversight or government regulation.)

Also, don’t give me that bs line “if you think you don’t have any freedoms here then you should move to another country.”  This is also lunacy, and here’s why.

Take this scenario:

Jane is a fourteen year old girl living in Arlington, VA, who is molested by her father, her uncle and her brother.  Her best friend Mary is also molested, but only by her father.  Saying that “we’re better here than anywhere else so if you don’t like it here then try somewhere else” is like saying to Mary, “hey, at least it’s only your father, and not your uncle and brother.  If you don’t like it, then go and live with Jane.”

And also don’t give me this bs about “your against the troops.”  That’s also lunacy and just a straw-man catch phrase for those on the Right who can’t intellectually defend their support of unconstitutional, let’s spread socialism around the world and fight for the UN wars.

I have nothing against the troops.  In fact, the Presidential candidate who was the most anti-UN enforced wars received the most contributions from members of the military.

Our aggressive foreign policy is leading to the collapse of our economy (it’s coming), to massive violations of personal and civil liberty, including, but not limited to, warrant-less searches and wiretaps.

I just don’t understand how some individuals actually believe that the troops stationed in our 700+ military bases around the world are somehow or another defending mine and your freedoms — those freedoms that we don’t have.

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