Holy Sh*t: John McCain was in the Military?

What a shocker. From the ad below I learned something I didn’t know: John McCain was in the military.

Some facts they left out:

John McCain finished 894/898 in his class at The Naval Academy — almost dead last.

John McCain voted to give our money to Planned Parenthood — million and millions of it.

John McCain wants to ban the private sale of firearms at gun shows.

John McCain wants to heavily regulate free speech through so-called campaign finance.

John McCain loves America so much that he wants to give it to Mexico.

John McCain agrees with Al Gore on Global Warming.

John McCain agrees with Communist Vladimir Lenin about speculators.

John McCain voted to give social security benefits to illegal aliens.

John McCain received a F- rating from Gun Owners of America.

John McCain supported mandatory trigger locks on firearms.

John McCain supports windfall profits taxes.

John McCain wouldn’t rule out supporting an abortion if one of his daughters were pregnant.

John McCain once referred to Christian leaders as “agents of intolerance.”

But I guess none of that matters because, after all, John McCain did serve in the military.

Update:  I also just learned that Rudy Giuliani was Mayor during September 11, 2001.

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  1. Make sure all McCain supporters Google:
    “The wife U. S. Republican John McCain
    callously left behind.”

  2. I want to hear more about his current drug addict wife that was arrested for stealing medicines intended for poor kids

  3. Yeah, well, as far as this blog goes, theoldright’s going to stay out of personal business, and instead focus on policy.

    I will mention how he almost finished last in his class, because Americans need to know the intellect of the man who wants to be President.

  4. No. I want to hear personal stuff too. That’s good stuff to discuss over a case of Sam Adams. Plus, it tells us something about character. If ‘Cain treats the oath to his wife like…scat…then maybe he’ll treat his oath to his country like…scat.

  5. Outstanding post. You rock.

  6. Brutus,

    You may know that answer to this.

    Didn’t one of the Founders say basically what you just said: If a man can’t keep his oath to his wife, then how can one expect him to uphold “the oath?”

  7. Very nice!!

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