The NRA Sucks

For those of you who know me, you already know my opinion of the National Rifle Association:


They compromise on gun rights, and now they are wanting to completely violate private property rights by forcing Disney World to allow guns in their park.

What part of private property rights do these morons not understand?  What’s next?  The NRA supporting legislation to force me to allow someone to come in my home with a gun — against my will?

This is just one more of the many reason why I support no-compromise groups like Gun Owners of America, The National Association for Gun Rights, and Jews for the Preservation of Firearm.

And state wise, I like the good folks over at the VCDL.

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  1. You might check out the website:

  2. DWB…great site. Good job old right! Where’s LOS on your link list?

  3. Thanks for the link. I haven’t seen that site before.

    I’ll get a LOS link up soon. It would make sense, since I’m a dues-paying South Carolina League of the South member.

  4. Your A Queer dirt bag and I hope a criminal breaks in your house and you realize the importance of having guns.

    • Spoken like a true NRA member!

  5. The NRA is the largest domestic terrorist group in the US, maybe the world. Please watch this video called THE NRA PRAYER FOR NEWTOWN CT. I’m the creator of this music video and invite you to use it if you wish without obligation. If nothing else I hope you like it.
    Thanx and peace!
    William J Urmson aka cuaroundclown on Youtube~

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