McCain: Just a Sick Bastard

John McCain is sick. On Tuesday, in response to a report about the rise of cigarette exports to Iran, John McCain stated that it may be “a way of killing ’em.” Of course, he claimed he meant it as a joke, but….

Now, while I would still disagree, it’s one thing for McCain to talk about another nation’s leader, but here he is wishing death among innocent citizens who live in Iran.

John McCain is a sick bastard who just wants to murder millions of people around the world.

Update:  Imagine the outrage from McCain if Ahmadinejad would have made the same comment about Americans…

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  1. But it was a joke!!! Please, let’s have a sense of humor here Old Right. Had Ahmadinejad made that comment about Americans and said he was joking I don’t think McCain would flip his lid.
    Let’s keep in mind the sort of comments that come out of Ahmadinejad’s mouth: 1. That the Holocaust never happened. 2. That he wants Israel wiped off the map.

    “John McCain is a sick bastard who just wants to murder millions of people around the world.”
    –Ridiculous. You make McCain sound like Stalin or Hitler.
    Get a hold of yourself.

  2. Agreed! It was not PC, but this sounds much like those Anti-Obama campaigns aimed at discrediting politicians for ridiculous reasons. He’s a politician and he can’t always say the right thing.

    Ha….McCain zi hai!

  3. It’s not ridiculous when he’s referring to the country that is next on the neocons list to bomb the hell out of.

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