Israelis Kill More Israelis Than…

… Muslim terrorist do.

According to EFRAT, there are over 50,000 abortions each year in Israel.

As my favorite Christian writer Laurence Vance points out over at the LRC, during the average week in Israel, “nine people were killed in road accidents, one Israeli was murdered by terrorists, but over nine hundred babies were lost to abortion, mainly due to economic concerns.”

As Vance asks, where is the outcry from the so-called Christians who claim to care so much about Israel? Do they even give Israel a pass on killing innocent babies?

Furthermore, as Vance also points out, Israelis are killing each other at a far greater rate than Muslim terrorist are…..


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  1. I hope you aren’t trying to say that Israeli’s are more of a threat to themselves than Muslim terrorists. Could I be wrong sir?

  2. No, I’m just pointing out the fact that Israelis kill more innocent Israelis than Muslim “terrorist” do.

    Where is John Hagee on this?

  3. I don’t know–but I can tell you that abortion is not a threat to Israel’s survival. What Christians here in America are more concerned about is Israel’s viability as a democracy/country in the middle east. Threats from neighboring countries(which happen to be Muslims) are of primary importance.
    But that’s not to diminish the abortion issue over there.
    What do you think John Hagee should do? Would it bring about change?

  4. I think if Hagee cares so much about Israel then he should move over there and join their army.

    It’s funny because America gives a hell of a lot more money to “Muslims” in socialist foreign aid then we do to Israel. Isn’t that ironic.

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