McCain Picks Gore As VP…

… not really, but it wouldn’t surprise me…

But I don’t know, Gore may be a little too far to the right for Juan.

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  1. Come on now. McCain is not the leftist Gore is. Do I need to make a post telling you how Obama and McCain differ? How about the justices McCain would nominate, as compared to those that Obama would? Big difference. In fact, a big enough of a difference to make me go vote for McCain.

  2. Well, as The Oath once pointed out, if we’re to the point where we’re picking our President based on who they would appoint, then we’re doomed and might as well not even waste our time voting.

    I personally feel that we will get worse legislation under Obama than McCain. Here’s why:

    As Gasden Rattle pointed out on a comment on CrystalClearConservative’s blog:

    “When is satan more effective? When he looks like Satan with his horns and pitchfork, etc. (B.O.)? Or when he puts on his sheep’s clothing (McCain)?

    Under which president are conservatives in Congress going to sell out? Think about it.

    McCain pushes for a UN global warming tax [and he will], it passes (whether you fight it or not).

    BO pushes it, R’s in Congress call him a globalist and we beat it.

    McCain is more dangerous than BO.”

    I believe this analysis is spot on. Plus, if McCain wins, we’re just teaching the Republican Party that they can nominate socialist and we will go along with it. McCain winning will be the complete death of any conservative movement in America, but Obama winning will be the rebirth of the movement.

  3. “McCain is not the leftist Gore is.”

    But he is a HUGE leftist. Saying that above is like saying, “come on now, McCain only raped three women where as Obama raped seven, so McCain is not as big of a rapist as Obama.”

  4. “McCain winning will be the complete death of any conservative movement in America, but Obama winning will be the rebirth of the movement.”
    HOW? So if McCain wins, we conservatives are going to quit being conservatives? What if Obama wins and the economy improves, and they somehow manage to convince the general “uninformed” public that they are responsible for it? Don’t you think they’ll be suckered into voting for him again? Have you thought about any other scenarios besides the one you listed above? Just look what Clinton managed to do in ’96.

    And no we aren’t doomed. I’m afraid of what Obama will do to the Supreme Court, and ultimately, that’s the deciding issue for me. We can fix the rest later.

  5. “So if McCain wins, we conservatives are going to quit being conservatives?”

    By voting for McCain, sir, you have already quit being a conservative.

  6. How? Are you telling me McCain has no conservative values? No conservative positions whatsoever? I disagree. I’m a consevative who is voting for McCain. Am I thrilled about? Absolutely not, but I’m not going to sit back and let Barack Obama take the White House.

    My question to you: Is there a candidate who agrees with you on every issue? I doubt it. Not one that is electable. Keep that in mind.

  7. Let me stress that you’ll never have a perfect candidate. Not one that is electable in a Presidential election. The general public as a whole does not keep up with every single issue like we would like them to. They never will.

  8. “Let me stress that you’ll never have a perfect candidate.”

    I see your point, but I disagree with McCain on almost everything — from guns to life to the proper role of government.

    Plus I really believe that we’ll get bigger government under McCain than we will under Obama. I mean, we got bigger under Bush than we did Clinton.

  9. Harry,

    I enjoy our “arguments” on here. I don’t think we disagree as much as it seems.

    If you’re in the NOVA area, we should meet up for some whiskey and political talk sometime. Who knows, perhaps I could bring The Oath and Crystal Clear Conservative along with me.

  10. The important point to understand is if McCain wins, his liberal policies (granted not as liberal as Obama) will harm our country big time.

    So much so, in 2012 the Democrats could put up practically any Democrat challenger to McCain and that person would win. And that person would be Obama, Hillary, or perhaps although now its unimaginable, someone more extreme.

    So, an Obama like Presidency will happen. If not now than in four years. All the stuff you fear about Obama can’t be stopped.

    But if McCain is elected he will wipe all conservative influence from the Republican party.

    So we postpone this only four years and in return we get a Republican party devoid of conservative ideology.

    Tell me the upside to voting for McCain.

    But if Obama wins, that will unite not only the Republican party but indeed a good deal of the nation against him. It will pave the way for a conservative to be elected President in 2012. So ultimately Obama winning is much better for us than McCain winning as McCain winning will destroy us but just like Carter brought us Reagan, an Obama presidency has a good chance of bringing us a true conservative to the White House in 2013.

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