More McCain Leftism

Every day John McCain gives me more reasons to just stay home in November.

Today, at a town hall meeting in Nevada, McCain, being his usual self, spewed more leftist views — all while claiming to be a conservative.

McCain criticized Obama for wanting to raise taxes on everything, and then turned around and “told a disabled woman facing home foreclosure that he would step up enforcement of the Americans With Disabilities Act and assured a self-described cancer survivor that he supported stem cell research.”

One should especially note the irony in the video I posted the other day of Juan’s brother talking about how Juan wanted to uphold his Oath.  I guess something has changed, because last time I read the Constitution it seems that the Americans With Disabilities Act and government funded research are both blatantly unConstitutional.

But of course, Juan didn’t stop here.

After being questioned by a so-called “conservative” (so-called because anyone who votes for Juan is not really a conservative) about McCain’s conservative credentials, McCain reaffirmed his support for Al Gore’s Global Warming, better known as global government, agenda by stating, “Climate change, my friend, I have to tell you with all due respect, is real. It’s real and the question is how do we address it,” he told Englekirk. “Suppose I’m wrong and there’s no such thing as climate change. All we’ve done is give our kids a cleaner planet. But suppose I’m right and we do nothing? Then what kind of a planet do we hand off to our kids and our grandkids?”

So there you have it.  More McCain leftism.  I’m guessing you Republicans out there, or better called you Republicans in name only, who are voting for Juan, are also supporters of Al Gore?  Perhaps you should buy some Gore gear or have a movie night at your house and show him film.  Who knows, you may even be able to raise some money for McCain….

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