What Ever Happened to Virginians?

It’s that time of year again. Time for me to take my car across the street to the gas station and get my government-approved inspection. For that reason, I am in a highly pissed off mood today because it’s just another of the many reminders that freedom is dead in America.

But my main question is, have all Virginians lost their spines?  Have you all turned into Damn Yankees?

We’re talking about the state that produced men like Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry, Richard Henry Lee, the great General Robert E. Lee, and the brave Stonewall Jackson. These men would be ashamed of todays Virginians! In fact, they would probably disown every damn one of you!

Even though I’m a Georgian, I’m now, unfortunately, in occupied Virginia so I’m going to try to do something about this communist bs where the government has to approve my car.

I’m going to start researching the subject today, but can anyone tell me a little bit more about what I’m missing here? Why haven’t so-called conservatives in the VA legislature got this socialist crap repealed? Why haven’t Virginians simply refused to pay the tax and made it go away?

After my research I hope to start a non-profit solely dedicated to abolishing this nonsense.

Wake up Virginians. You’re disappointing your great ancestors!

Update: From the government website:

“To ensure that your vehicle is mechanically safe to operate on the highways of the Commonwealth, it must pass an annual vehicle safety inspection.”

Damn. If the government didn’t approve my car I guess it wouldn’t work. Thank you government for treating me like a child in elementary school.

Update II: Just talked to my mother in Georgia, and she said that they used to do this crap there but Georgians weren’t having that so they got it repealed.

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  1. My conservative friend, although we may disagree on some platforms, we definitely see eye to eye on this one! LOL Let me know when you start that non profit!

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