Who’s the Real Republican, Now?

While working on the Ron Paul campaign I was often accused of not being a “real Republican.”  In fact, at several meetings I was shouted down by Republican officials because, in their words, I’m not a real Republican.

Well, I get up this morning (severe hangover) and check the Drudge and what do I see:

“Lieberman on McCain Short List.”

So, after accusing Ron Paul of not being a “real Republican,” the Republican Party nominee may pick none other than Joe Lieberman, a DEMOCRAT.

To me, this is hillarious.  I wonder if those McCainiacs, who accused me of not being a “real Republican” will say the same about John — who may pick a damn Democrat as his running mate.

You McCain Republicans are worthless.  Y’all suck and have destroyed the Party.

For this I hope Republicans lose the Presidency and lose even more in the House.  I only hope we keep 41 votes needed for a filibuster.  I’m fed up with this bullshit.  If you’re a communist, join the damn Democrat Party.  But please, just get the hell out of the Republican Party — you’ve already destroyed it.

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  1. Senator Lieberman is an Independent Democrat, not really a Democrat. Remember, they wanted him out of their party so he’s not the quite the liberal Barack Obama is.
    You know, it’s not the just the McCain Republicans fault for this mess we’re in. It’s the Republican party in general. The reason McCain is thinking about selecting Lieberman is too further distant himself from the Bush administration and current Republican establishment. THEY are worthless.
    More on this later…

  2. Question concerning Ron Paul: Why does he identify himself as a Republican? How does he differ from a Libertarian? My ignorance is on display here.

  3. Back to my first post:
    The Bush administration and current Republicans have made it damn near impossible to run as a Republican and win. The general electorate is fed up with the Republican party and they are looking for an alternative. Even if a true conservative ran right now, I think he would have a hard time winning. The Democrats would simply paint him as a “Bush” conservative and the electorate would buy into it.
    Bottom line: Let’s take it one step at a time. McCain isn’t our first choice, but he’s better than Obama(in my opinion). Again, if Obama is elected, he will royally screw up the Supreme Court(which cannot be overstated) and there is no denying that. If McCain gets in, at least we can salvage the Supreme Court and THEN we can begin trying to elect true conservatives, starting at the local level. Conservatives aren’t going to quit being conservatives.
    Before you respond, I agree that someone who admires everything about John McCain is not a true conservative. I recognize that he is not a true conservative.

  4. Harry,

    If I haven’t been close to 36 hours without sleep, and my brain was even somewhat functional, I would respond now. But since I didn’t go to bed at all last night (B.B. King Concert), and still made it to office by 8am this morning, I’m going to have to put off my response until after some sleep.

    For now, I’m going to enjoy this Belgian White beer I’m drinking and eat my cheese and crackers and then go off to dream land — of course after I “study.”

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