Bush Orders Socialism…

… or, as they call it, “humanitarian aid.”

From Faux News:

WASHINGTON — President Bush has directed the U.S. military to lead a humanitarian mission to Georgia where tens of thousands have been forced out of their homes following a Russian invasion last week that has been described by Georgia’s president as an “ethnic cleansing.”

A U.S. C-17 aircraft with humanitarian supplies already has arrived in the Georgian capital of Tbilisi and another C-17 will arrive there Thursday with additional medical and humanitarian aid, White House spokeswoman Dana Perino said after the president’s announcement.

Excuse my language, but this is total bullshit. Why are we using our MILITARY to spread socialism around the world? So-called humanitarian aid should be handled by private groups — not by the government at the expense of serfs like you and me.

This is not the role of the US military. WTF? Are y’all really that blind?

Perhaps this is nothing more than a way to send US soldiers into a war zone so that one will get killed and give our empire builders an excuse for a new war — but this time with a nuclear superpower like Russia.

Only time will tell….

And even more disturbing is this:

“Bush said he is also sending Rice to Tbilisi, to “personally convey America’s unwavering support for the government of Georgia.”

Support for a tyrannical government like Georgia? One that kills political dissidents? And I voted for the scum bag in 2004. Going to vomit.

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