Why Fake Conservatives (McCain) Anger Me

People often wonder why I attack John McCain more than I do Obama.

The answer is simple.  Obama is a liberal democrat and acts like one would expect a liberal democrat to act.  McCain is a republican, who claims to be a conservative, but acts just like one would expect a liberal democrat to act.

And since McCain and the Bush-type “conservatives” are increasing government, while at the same time calling themselves conservatives, it gives true conservatives like me a bad name.

For example, while reading a news article about the so-called “employee free choice act,” I ran across the following:

Moreover, even if victorious, Obama will inherit the calamitous
conditions wrought by conservative failures
— a sinking economy,
unsustainable occupations in Iraq and Afghanistan, accelerating
climate change, Gilded Age inequality, a broken healthcare system and
much more.

The problem is that these “calamitous conditions” were not wrought by “conservative failures.”  They were wrought by liberal, big government policies put forth by so-called Republican.  You know, the same “conservative” republicans that have doubled the size of the federal government.

So, thanks to leftist like McCain and the others calling themselves conservatives, the word conservatism now has a very bad stereotype to go with it.  When I tell someone I’m a conservative, they automatically think Bush and McCain, which is way way off base beings that, by definition, McCain and Bush are both huge government liberals.

Would you McCainiacs please quit calling yourselves conservatives and giving us true conservatives a bad rep?


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