Bob McDonnell is a GUN GRABBER!!!

Bob McDonnell wants your guns.

That’s right.

Bob McDonnell supports gun control.

The fact is, he voted to BAN self-defense shot guns. Not only that, but he also voted FOR Virginia’s one-gun per month rationing law.

So Bob McDonnell believes that the government has the right to tell you what types of guns you can own, as well as how many you are allowed to buy…

… and now he claims to be pro-gun?

If McDonnell wants the support of gun owners in VA, he needs to do three things:

1.) Man-up and publicly admit, in writing, that he was wrong to support gun control in the past.

2.) Publicly state, in writing, that he will NEVER vote for gun control again.

3.) Publicly state, in writing, that if elected, he will do everything he can to pressure the General Assembly to repeal the one gun rationing law, and will sign the bill as soon as it gets to his desk.

I’ll have up and running in a few days, and will have an online petiton and other stuff to turn up the heat on gun-grabbing Bob McDonnell.

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  1. Can you give me some particular information on these votes? Bill name… date of vote… that sort of thing.

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