Bob McDonnell is a GUN GRABBER!!!

Bob McDonnell wants your guns.

That’s right.

Bob McDonnell supports gun control.

The fact is, he voted to BAN self-defense shot guns. Not only that, but he also voted FOR Virginia’s one-gun per month rationing law.

So Bob McDonnell believes that the government has the right to tell you what types of guns you can own, as well as how many you are allowed to buy…

… and now he claims to be pro-gun?

If McDonnell wants the support of gun owners in VA, he needs to do three things:

1.) Man-up and publicly admit, in writing, that he was wrong to support gun control in the past.

2.) Publicly state, in writing, that he will NEVER vote for gun control again.

3.) Publicly state, in writing, that if elected, he will do everything he can to pressure the General Assembly to repeal the one gun rationing law, and will sign the bill as soon as it gets to his desk.

I’ll have up and running in a few days, and will have an online petiton and other stuff to turn up the heat on gun-grabbing Bob McDonnell.

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Stem Cell Debate: Why Both the Left and Right are Wrong!

Both the Left and the Right are wrong in the debate over stem cells (my boy Ron Paul excepted).

The current debate is over whether or not the government should fund embryonic stem cell research or not.  Those on the Left say “yes,” and those on the right say, “no.”  But they’re both ok with funding adult stem cell research.

The correct answer is, “no it should not because the government shouldn’t fund ANY research at all.”

So when you hear someone on the Right bitching about embryonic stem cell research, tell them to shut up and oppose all goverment funding of research.  And if they don’t, then theyre not a true conservative.  I would even call them a Socialist.

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Earmarks Don’t Mean Crap

Here’s a great article about how earmarks don’t mean CRAP.

They’re just a straw-man argument, used by fake conservatives, like Eric Cantor, to dupe the public into thinking that they’re good on spending.

A real conservative would not waste his or her time on stupid earmarks.  They would be going after the appropriations’ bills.  That’s where the big spending is:

But really, we’re talking about a pittance in the big scheme of the federal budget. Slaughter all the earmarks, and it would barely put a dent in runaway spending.

Well actually, it wouldn’t even do that.

That’s because earmarks come out of a total amount of federal spending that’s carved in stone before the earmarks are ever doled out to the lawmakers. In other words, the money’s going to get spent anyway.

Continue reading….

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The Old Right is back.

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Chuck Baldwin’s Message for America

What do you want?

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Why Fake Conservatives (McCain) Anger Me

People often wonder why I attack John McCain more than I do Obama.

The answer is simple.  Obama is a liberal democrat and acts like one would expect a liberal democrat to act.  McCain is a republican, who claims to be a conservative, but acts just like one would expect a liberal democrat to act.

And since McCain and the Bush-type “conservatives” are increasing government, while at the same time calling themselves conservatives, it gives true conservatives like me a bad name.

For example, while reading a news article about the so-called “employee free choice act,” I ran across the following:

Moreover, even if victorious, Obama will inherit the calamitous
conditions wrought by conservative failures
— a sinking economy,
unsustainable occupations in Iraq and Afghanistan, accelerating
climate change, Gilded Age inequality, a broken healthcare system and
much more.

The problem is that these “calamitous conditions” were not wrought by “conservative failures.”  They were wrought by liberal, big government policies put forth by so-called Republican.  You know, the same “conservative” republicans that have doubled the size of the federal government.

So, thanks to leftist like McCain and the others calling themselves conservatives, the word conservatism now has a very bad stereotype to go with it.  When I tell someone I’m a conservative, they automatically think Bush and McCain, which is way way off base beings that, by definition, McCain and Bush are both huge government liberals.

Would you McCainiacs please quit calling yourselves conservatives and giving us true conservatives a bad rep?


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Right on, Pat Buchanan. Right on.

Pat Buchanan hits the nail on the head in his latest column on the Russian/Georgian conflict.

Read HERE.

My favorite quote is:

“Americans have many fine qualities. A capacity to see ourselves as others see us is not high among them.”

So true, Pat.  So true.

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Bush Orders Socialism…

… or, as they call it, “humanitarian aid.”

From Faux News:

WASHINGTON — President Bush has directed the U.S. military to lead a humanitarian mission to Georgia where tens of thousands have been forced out of their homes following a Russian invasion last week that has been described by Georgia’s president as an “ethnic cleansing.”

A U.S. C-17 aircraft with humanitarian supplies already has arrived in the Georgian capital of Tbilisi and another C-17 will arrive there Thursday with additional medical and humanitarian aid, White House spokeswoman Dana Perino said after the president’s announcement.

Excuse my language, but this is total bullshit. Why are we using our MILITARY to spread socialism around the world? So-called humanitarian aid should be handled by private groups — not by the government at the expense of serfs like you and me.

This is not the role of the US military. WTF? Are y’all really that blind?

Perhaps this is nothing more than a way to send US soldiers into a war zone so that one will get killed and give our empire builders an excuse for a new war — but this time with a nuclear superpower like Russia.

Only time will tell….

And even more disturbing is this:

“Bush said he is also sending Rice to Tbilisi, to “personally convey America’s unwavering support for the government of Georgia.”

Support for a tyrannical government like Georgia? One that kills political dissidents? And I voted for the scum bag in 2004. Going to vomit.

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The Republic of Georgia: A Free Land…

… NOT.

I’m sure you’ve all seen and heard the pundits on the news , including both party’s presidential candidates, talking about how Georgia is a good country and there is freedom and blah blah blah.

Well, watch this:

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Who’s to blame for the Russian/Georgian conflict?

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